What’s next?

With the new term now very much in full swing, the thoughts and attention of our kids (and some of us!) turn to “what next?”  My own kids are wondering what job they may wish to do when they leave university in the next couple of years and my youngest, what course he may like to study and at which university.  Several of my mentees are contemplating their next move on their career ladder with some thinking incremental and others radical steps.  That’s all good stuff and part of the ebb and flow of our life journey (and I love to help them get deep clarity with these situations).

However, I do find that so very often these times can be overwhelming and confusing.  We don’t know what we don’t know and we can fall into a cacophony of fear; fear of making a wrong choice, of getting it wrong, of the pain caused by bad decisions, about missing out on something better etc etc etc.

There are three things I know to be true:-

  1. Things are clearer with a calm mind– go for a walk and let the snow-globe of your mind settle and then take a look and see what you see now
  2. The view changes with each step we take– don’t focus too much on steps 5, 6 and 7 from here, rather just take the next one step that feels right to you, and the steps after that will reveal themselves
  3. Fear puts blinkers on our view– step out of fear and change your state of mind. Ask yourself these questions:-
    1. what if…
      …you could not fail?
      …you are exactly where you’re meant to be?
      …everything really DOES happen for a reason?
      …you are with the person you SHOULD be with RIGHT now?
      …you couldn’t make a “wrong” decision?
      …then….(if this IS the case)
    2. What would you change?
    3. What would you BE?
    4. What would you KNOW?
    5. What would you DO?

Get a quiet mind, then let your wisdom speak to you and write the answers down.

September is always a great time of year to think about the progress made on your journey and to get clarity on your new goals.  We love to help people get clear and focused and mentally ready to smash through their plans as effortlessly as possible.  So, whilst you are wondering “what next?” just remember this:

“Take the first step, no more, no less.
And the next will be revealed.”

After all, iTS Leadership! Give us a call if you’d like to chat.

Most warmly


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