Training My Dragons



I was recently offered a new role, and, as with many of us, before starting, I was filled with anticipation, excitement and fear (typical emotions for me whenever starting a new venture).  I was leaving a job that was inspiring, comfortable, secure and I was completely experienced and knew, on the whole, what to expect on a daily basis.  I was now leaving that all behind and, from the moment I accepted my new job and handed in my notice, I was having varying conversations in my head:




Have I made a mistake? What a great opportunity?
What if I’m not good enough? I wouldn’t have been given the job if I wasn’t good enough
Will I live up to their expectations? I’m good at what I do, I know I have the skills, I can only do my best
What if it all goes wrong? What if it all goes right?

So here I was, my first day…still having those conversations roaming around in my head.  And then, I was introduced to The Dragon Story by Michael Neill (see link below), along with some life changing advice.

As the story unfolds we get to realise that these thoughts are not real, they have no substance, they are just…thoughts!  Like dragons, they are imaginary and I have created them.  I have tried to do battle with my dragons, using spears and daggers of positive reassurance and protecting myself, with my shield of self-belief, from the dreaded, poisonous dragon bites, as if I was a magical knight fighting the battle of Doom, Worry and potential Day of Self-Destruction.

But why?  There are no dragons.  They cannot bite or poison me.  So why do I continually try and do battle?

They are but shadows in my mind.

knight and dragonAnd now, as with dragons, I tell myself these are mere thoughts and I allow them to fade and disappear; what will be, will be, who knows what the future holds, but why worry, just…be!

Occasionally my dragons will resurface (of course, I am human!) and I will be tempted to rise up and do battle.  But now, I will train myself to allow these to drift into the background, replacing fear with calm and inner peace.

I will train my dragons.


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