The dishwasher is broken……hooray!!!


3532587071_27af43aa9c_bThose of you who work with us may well be familiar with the concept that energy is only ever boosted or sapped when delivery doesn’t meet expectations.  Someone I worked with recently expanded on this concept and said:

“it’s only ever when delivery is out of alignment with expectations that there is a story.”

Well that’s true! Think about all the stories you hear when you go into work after the weekend, what we hear are all the tales of how something other than the “expected” happened, however bizarre or trivial.

14806371479_9df1757167_zMy story is similar….our dishwasher broke 3 months ago and we haven’t even tried to get it mended! Why? Well, after a couple of days of inconvenience we realised that standing and washing the dishes, drying them up and putting them all away after a meal presented a great time to talk together as a family or members there-of. The fact this happens after a meal has meant that some of the discussion and themes of a meal conversation can be pursued further with individual members gaining deeper insights for both parties, rather than simply retiring back to our own activities or sitting in front of the TV.

So this got me thinking, what in our business world might we celebrate breaking down? Which aspects that we believe are a “necessity” today might we be surprised to find out are actually holding us back in some way? What if our email system went down for a week and people actually had to speak with each other? What if some of the finance systems had a hitch and we didn’t get wrapped up in the reaction to daily or weekly sales figures but rather focused on the important activities we know will lead to an upturn in sales? You know the kind of thing….

7271566388_d0497f0558_zI wonder if any of us would be brave enough to press the “stop” button on such activities for a week or two and experiment. I think perhaps not! Most of the teams we work with have a real struggle to stop anything as they continue to overload themselves. It’s a lovely thought though isn’t it…why not take a walk with a colleague and have a discussion as to which things in your business would you like to see “breakdown” like our dishwasher!

If you did want to experiment with your team, please do give us a call, as we would love to support you and find out more.



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