Rubbish! – “Leave” it alone!

rubbish-in-headHave you ever considered the amount of litter we collect on a daily basis?

Not the litter you put in the bin, but the stuff you collect in your head, every single day.  How often do you empty your waste bin on your laptop?  …and what about the one in your head?!?!

Leaving home this morning, I’m conscious I am not home again until Friday evening as I drag my suitcase full of my weeks clothes behind me as I walk to the station.  About halfway down the hill I become conscious of a type of hissing, scraping sound and wonder what it can be.  I look around me as it seems to be getting louder and louder and then I notice a huge pile of leaves being swept along by the bottom of my case.  Of course, I lift my case up and let the leaves stay where they are… operation I choose to repeat a few times down the hill…..

…but this got me smiling and laughing!  What a great analogy for what happens to us every day of our lives!  We drag our “life” along like a suitcase and without conscious thought, collect loads of “dead leaves” which bundle together and gradually start to become noisy and eventually impede our performance and progression!  There’s definitely a physical resistance created and yet the “noise” these things make in our head can grow and grow and make it impossible for the clarity of our natural innate wisdom to be heard.

autumnYet, on realising this, the great thing is, all we have to do is “lift the case and let them be” and the system self-corrects.  We don’t need to take time analysing them all, repacking them, putting them in a bin…they are natural and just like the leaves will blow away, disintegrate naturally and in doing so provide much nutrients for future growth.

I love this time of year!  The colours a wonderful reflection of natures circle of continuous growth.

Why not stop for a minute today, look around you and appreciate such physical and metaphysical beauty.

Above all…have fun, always.

~Author: Antony Tinker

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