Put your socks on first!!!

Think about it….. you come out of the shower, dry yourself and go and get dressed.  In which order do you put your clothes on?

Seems a silly question doesn’t it, but we are creatures of habit and in following these routines we often put blinkers on the opportunities to see and do things differently which could enhance our experience, productivity and even our efficiency.

Have you ever thought about all the routine things you do in your working week?

  • The way you drive to work

  • The path you take to your desk

  • What you typically do when you get to your desk

  • The people you usually say hello to

Why not try to change things about a little in the next few days and see what new conversations you have, what new insights you get and new experiences you have.  I know not all of these will be mind-blowing with the potential for huge commercial growth but you never know where the next miracle will start from….

After all, it’s often been said that “if we do what we always did, we’ll get what we always got” and I would imagine very few of us are fully happy with the current level of performance!  So, let’s mix it up a bit and enjoy the new experiences.

What could you do?

I tried putting my socks on first last week!  Well, it’s a start….



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