No body’s perfect!

no body's perfect bagEarly one morning recently, whilst shaving, I noticed some writing on my wife’s make-up bag that I had not noticed before: “No body’s perfect”

I immediately felt sad and curious at the same time.  I played this over and over in my mind and eventually decided that I have a real issue with this statement. I actually fundamentally disagree. Surely we are all born “perfect”?  Yes, we are all different and that (to me) is the beauty of it. The problem comes with our thinking, the stories and messages we tell ourselves, particularly when it comes to comparison.

Someone recently said to me that…

“Comparison eradicates happiness”…..

I have found this to be amazingly true on so many levels.  Often when we “compare” we start to focus on what we do NOT have rather than what we DO have.  Those of you familiar with our work will understand that “what we focus on grows, so the more we focus on what we do NOT have the greater that feeling of inadequacy grows.  It’s our own creation, from our thoughts.

Our thoughts are not reality, they are something in our head (See our previous blog: Training My Dragons)

stop-comparing-comic2If you want to be happier, simply STOP COMPARING!!

Be in the now and see the beauty and the good in you, everything and everyone.

Focus on what we HAVE and you may well find that you get even more!


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