Let me tell you a story….

Once upon a time….

When you hear those words, what emotions do they conjure up in you?  Memories of childhood; at home with the bed time story or maybe even sat in Primary School on a Friday afternoon when the teacher read your class a story?

Stories are brilliant and amazing. They give us a chance to drift off into another world and live experiences in our imagination we may not get the chance to live in our real lives.

Stories are also the way we, as humans, have passed on information and knowledge for several thousand years.  We find it easier to remember stories than facts and figures…and yet, when it comes to business and to selling, how sad that all too often people think that graphs and tables of numbers are all that are required to convince people of the superiority of our brand or our idea.

Several months back we were exposed to the idea of the best stories being “sticky” when they possess the SUCCES characteristics (we wanted to improve the english so we now refer to SUCCESS!)

  • Simple – the simple stories work best as people remember them and they will get passed on

  • Unexpected – there has to be a surprise element and the best surprises are ones which “violate your expectation!”  Not only does this too aid the recall, it creates a powerful emotional reaction which impacts the learning

  • Credible – the story has to be believable or people will simply discredit it

  • Concrete – there should be some concrete data behind the story which gives it a solid foundation

  • Emotion – the story should paint pictures and evoke emotional reactions as this gives people the want and desire to “pass it on”

  • Story – tell the story, the beginnning, the middle and the end.  Have fun!

  • Senses – (our addition) the more senses you can use; smell, touch, sight, sound and taste, then the more memorable the whole experience will be

As leaders in business it is wise to be mindful of these elements and to consciously aim to build these into the stories you need to tell your teams, customers and business partners.  When everyone in your network can tell the same story, with consistency, then a certain momentum builds which quickly impacts on your commercial growth.

Recently we have noticed several short films which contain these elements.  Not least of which is this lovely one created by Budweiser and shown during this years SuperBowl.

Enjoy!   …and if you want to know more about making your campaigns sticky, then give us a call.

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