Leadership – A Leap of Faith?


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A friend  recently shared this short film with me:


To be honest, this film blew me away and I not only watched it a few times, I shared it with so many of my friends and family.  I found it incredible how a relatively tiny act, reintroducing wolves into a habitat, could have so many positive knock-on affects.  Simply incredible.

All of this got me reflecting on Leadership, TRUE leadership.  You see, I can’t help but feel that such an act is analogous to true leadership.  As leaders we don’t always know the whole picture that will unfold, but when we listen to the outside world, observe and have a calm mind, then we get that moment of inspiration that we know deep deep down is the right thing to do.  Often there are a myriad of barriers and hurdles to overcome to execute our plan as well as rafts of people who are against the idea or simply ambivalent.

Our job, as leaders, is to be the Chief Story Teller!! – to paint the picture of how things could be and why this next step is vital to creating that better future, for whatever reason.

I am sure that those who proposed the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park did not foresee ALL of the changes that would unfold.  I am also quite certain that there would have been more people against this idea than for it!  It’s a simple fact of life that most people fight against change!   But I bet that deep down, with their inner wisdom, they were certain that instinctively it would be the right thing to do and they kept pushing and pushing relentlessly to achieve the right result.

It’s a great lesson of leadership for us all

  • Connect to a greater good – beyond ourselves and beyond today
  • Listen to our inner wisdom – with a quiet mind
  • Continuously tell the story and paint the picture for others
  • Hold on to your beliefs and be relentless in pursuit of the better future – especially in the dark times

~Author: Antony Tinker

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