Is it time to kill the smart phone?

On the day that the new iPhone 6 is launched I can’t help but wonder if smart phones are actually the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race!?!?

Am I one of these new age gurus who goes around living off the land and dispelling anything of the modern age….TV’s, phones, radios etc..?  Hell no!  I am up there with the best of them…I wouldn’t exactly be writing a blog now would I!?!… but hear me out…

We all know instinctively that when we are calm we make better decisions.  We know that when we are stressed that the smallest extra “straw” can break our back.  We know and see that when athletes are calm and “in flow” they perform much better.  We know deep down that keeping calm and quiet in our heads leads to a much happier and more successful outcome in every situation.  That’s why in today’s world “mindfulness” is becoming a common word in business and APP’s such as Headspace are so successful.

So how does the smart phone fit in to all of this?  Well, how often do you look at your phone?  Text messages, emails, Facebook entries, news, What’s APP, Instagram, Snap Chat etc? ..and what does this do to you?  My own experience and that from observing others is that this activity puts us back into, or keeps us in our heads.  It encourages us to create more thoughts, more noise in our heads.  It keeps us crowded and blocks out the natural outside world and the ability to deeply connect with ourselves and others.

Life is all about relationships and people.  The best ideas and best solutions to problems often come from dialogue with others or when we are doing something completely different, like having a shower.  The point is, these are times when we are not connected to our smart device.

So, maybe the best thing for smart people who want to be more successful, is to put the smart-device down more often and give themselves time to get calm and connect with themselves and others and live a far richer and more meaningful day.  Surely it’s worth a try?

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