Have you been let down lately?

Old Walking BootsToday I had to replace my walking boots.

Those of you that love walking will understand the significance of this event.  As I finally discarded them there was a touch of sadness as I reflected on the thousands of miles we had walked together, over 4 continents and numerous countries. They were indeed my trusted travelling companions.

So had they never let me down?  Well unfortunately I cannot say that, as over the years there were several occasions when my feet had got a little wetter than I would have hoped! This, of course, was down to my own lack of investment in re-proofing them quite as often as I should have done!

This got me thinking about when other people apparently let us down and what part we may have to play in that. Did we invest enough time and effort in the relationship or situation to reduce the likelihood of us being let down?

bootsIt is so easy in life to point the finger at someone, but it is a useful reminder that when we do this, there are three fingers pointing back at ourselves!

Similarly in our leadership:

Are we always clear with others about our expectations of them?

Do we provide sufficient direction, coaching, support, feedback and praise, to give our teams the best chance of meeting these expectations and therefore not ‘letting us down’?

I, for one, will certainly be investing more time in my new trusted companions in order to help them help me as we set off on our exciting adventures together.


~Author: Ursula Franklin

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