From average to exceptional – time out, luxury or necessity?

My daughter goes to a school in North Wales, quite a way from where we live and a week ago I decided that rather than just go to see the teachers and pick her up and come straight home again, which is a 9-hour round trip, I would take an north walesextra day and take some time out. I had been very busy, running hard in my business, delivering value for my clients and it had been a particularly tricky time for my family as my daughters had both transitioned into the next phase at school and I felt I needed to take a break to unwind, re-energise and re-connect with myself and my why.

There is something about the air in Wales that I love and also something about the sea and the sea air which brings an inner peace to me and helps me to re-charge my batteries and re-connect with myself.

Before I went on my trip though, I felt really guilty about taking time out, and on the surface, it looked like I couldn’t afford to take the time, as I was so busy working in my business and delivering great programmes for my clients and also my younger daughter had been quite ill and had ended up in hospital for a couple of days, so taking even more time out seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford. My inner wisdom, however, knew that if I was going to be able to continue to stay ahead, deliver exceptional programmes for my clients and build my business to the next level and achieve my purpose, I would need to challenge my conventional thinking and change the status quo and maybe change a few things in order to operate at a new level, in other words an upgrade!

relaxing-officeOn the surface however, there was no evidence that I needed to change a anything, as nothing was “broken” that needed “fixing” however my inner wisdom knew that it was a good idea and all I needed to do was to trust myself and go with the flow and not over think my way out of it (which I can often do!).  Anyway, my thinking went like this – in the worst-case scenario, I would simply take the time out and catch up on some sleep and feel better afterwards, that alone wouldn’t be a bad outcome and in the best-case scenario I would re-energise, see some amazing countryside, re-connect with my “why” and get a few pointers to help me move forward with more purpose.

The scary thing was that I didn’t really know what I needed to do to achieve the best case scenario, however I decided to take a bit of my own medicine and give myself one thing to do for the 2 days that I often give to my clients to do as an exercise, that was to ask myself “I’d love it if….” the key is when given this task, not to over think it, to let go of it and simply to have it your mind and to trust that something will come, as and when you are ready.

"We must never be too busy to talk time to sharpen the saw" - Stephen Covey

“We must never be too busy to take time to sharpen the saw” – Stephen Covey

The outcome was that I had a fabulous time on my own, appreciating the dramatic scenery of North Wales, discovering a great walk which took me up a large very steep hill, which once I got to the top, I had an amazing view of the coastline and the surrounding countryside for miles around.  The thing I realised was that if I had stayed down at the bottom of the hill, there was no way I would have been able to appreciate the view and all the amazing things I was able to see from the top, so it really was worth the effort making the steep climb to the top, even when it got a bit slippery in the mud.  I realised that the hill was a metaphor for my trip, how often am I deep in the detail (the content), running fast, with no time to check in and to look up and see where I am going and acknowledge my achievements so far and appreciate the journey and appreciate the amazing surroundings that I live in, As Stephen Covey would say, how often are we “too busy sawing” with no time to “sharpen the saw’.

To be honest, I enjoyed my time so much that I had forgotten about the task I had set myself on my journey up! Anyway, what transpired was that on my first night home from my trip, I woke up at 3am, mind buzzing so much, that I had to write my thoughts down before I went back to sleep, and all my answers to “I’d love it if…”  came flooding out. In fact, what happened is that it took me back to my “why” which is about making a difference, and it gave me a deeper connection to this why at a whole new level, I also had some ideas for how to get started with the next part of my journey to achieving it.

 ~Author: Lucy Czakan

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