Daily conflict – the brass band Vs the flute

It’s funny you know, I suddenly found myself with an “empty day”!  All my appointments and meetings got cancelled for various reasons and I have a day to “catch up” – a rare gift!

So the day begins and I have some critical things to get completed for clients, so I focus there first.  Then I have my ever increasing “to do list” to work through, phone calls to make now I have time and then all those emails that have sat in my Inbox waiting for a “quiet time” for me to sit and read them.  Always so much to do and rarely enough time to get it all done.

But then, just after lunch I have an insight….what SHOULD I be doing to add greatest value to me,
the business and my customers?  All of a sudden I am blank, I have no idea!  So I decide to take myself for a walk and the strangest thing happens!  I start to feel GUILTY for leaving my desk and phone and my THINKING behind!

“I should be thinking about the next big thing!”

“I should be working hard to get another big client!”

“Where’s the next big thing coming from?  How will I find it?”

and so on and so forth…..the noise in my head was deafening!

It has been a beautiful day.  The sun was warming my back.  People I passed had smiles on their faces.  It was so good to be out to be honest.  And as my snowglobe of a mind gradually settled, I realised that everything is OK, there’s no need to panic, no need to try to think of the next big thing, just BE….and then everything will happen when it is meant to.

Someone described THINKING to me “like a big brass band, so loud and noisy in your head you can’t hear anything else at all!”  whilst innate WISDOM is “like the solo flautist”.

I love this analogy as it demonstrates clearly that in order to be the best version of ourselves we need a very calm mind…then, and ONLY then, will we be able to hear our wisdom.  It’s always there, of course, it’s just we drown it out with all of our noisy thoughts and thinking!

…and finally, in the words of Beverley Knight

“coulda woulda shoulda are the last words of a fool”

Be happy.  Have fun today.  “Now” is all we ever have.



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