On a recent Christmas outing to the theatre to see “Kinky Boots”, which was absolutely fabulous, I was very taken with that great Oscar Wilde quote,

 “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

I have always loved quotes, collecting many books of quotes over the years, keeping a top ten list in my handbag notebook and often “squeezing” them into daily work and social conversations! Just love them! This one though, plunged me to a whole deeper place, it is the outright simplicity and honesty of it that touched me to the core.

Why, when it is so obvious that we are ourselves, do we very often feel the need not to be, to fit into certain situations, particularly at work? It goes back to those New Year Resolutions we talked about, “this year I am going to be organised, skinny, in control, happy and wealthy, like … (so and so next door…).   We all know how often we compare ourselves (on every level) to others! But, in reality, how much pressure does this really put on us as individuals, why can’t we expend that energy just being content and peaceful enough in our own skin just to “be”, to be ourselves and happy with that.

True authenticity, one of the most important elements of amazing leadership, is rarely seen in large corporates where work loads appear to be getting heavier and heavier, people are trapped in their own daily thought storms, and personal competition and ego can be rife.

When we allow ourselves to find and speak our own truth, and be our own person, with our own inner unique beauty and creativity, we not only have more clarity, but also a calm state of mind which is infectiously attractive to those around us, whether they be our colleagues or our friends, or both!

So, in a nutshell, why wouldn’t we just be ourselves, warts and all, and proud of it all the way!






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