A legacy to be proud of…

Henry-BrombergI recently had the privilege of singing at Henry Bromberg’s funeral.

Henry died aged 9 and, despite being born with only half a functioning heart, had captured the whole hearts of millions across the nation when he was featured in a ‘Children In Need’ documentary.

As I listened to the many eulogies I was humbled by the sheer amount that this young courageous boy had achieved in his 9 years, more than most 90 year olds!  I began to reflect on my own legacy and, in discussions with others after the funeral, discovered that many there had done the same.


What is it that prevents us from being as exceptional as Henry?

Surely, with our whole hearts, we could do so much more to make a difference in this world.  Similarly what are all the things that we want to do before we die, but the chances are, won’t ever get round to them and why is this?  The answer is of course, us!  We have a myriad of ‘reasons’ of why we can’t do something and that the chore of day to day living gets in the way, but we only have one life and we all have a choice over how we use it.  Every day we put off our dreams, is a day less to achieve them.

At iTS Leadership we sometimes ask 3 questions of our clients:

  1. If you found out today, you had exactly 10 years to live, what would you do?
  2. If you found out today, you had exactly 1 year to live, what would you do?
  3. If you found out today, you had exactly 1 day to live, what would you regret NOT having done?

I wonder what your answers would be to these 3 questions, and having answered them, what you will choose to do differently?

Be bold, make the most of every moment of the life you have been given and leave a legacy you are proud of.

~ Author: Ursula Franklin

(For more information on Henry’s remarkable story visit: www.henrybromberg.com)

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