5 a day – keeping you and your business healthy

Whilst in the kitchen earlier today, I caught sight of the fruit bowl and I perceived the contents to yell at me that I should give them more attention! I started to question if I’m regularly eating my 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables to keep me healthy? Then my attention wandered back to business and I wondered what the business equivalent would be…..

1 Face to Face contact – who you could see and talk with today in person? Who could create a significant shift in your business? It could be a boss, a peer, a direct report or a client or supplier. It might be someone you would rather put off seeing but deep down you know that the best thing to do is to face them. Be clear and focused on what needs to be done and what conversation you need to have. One significant shift every day will make an amazing difference in a week! Imagine what could be achieved in a month or year!

2. The phone call – these days we rely too much on email. Some of us think that if we send an email we can strike off one of our to-do’s on the list, but deep down we all know it’s much better to talk. In much the same vain as the face to face contact, get clear on who you should and could speak with today rather than simply email. It could be to resolve an issue which is draining your energy, make them feel wonderful about something they have done or simply to ask how they are getting on with a project or assignment you have given them. Pick up the phone and make that call.

3. Do one “important but not urgent” action – I have seen many clients and colleagues use the simple Boston Grid of Important on one axis and Urgent on the other. In our busy worlds it’s typically the Urgent + Important box that gets all the attention. Unfortunately some of the biggest shifts will come from the Important (but not urgent) box. How about taking just one of those actions every day and giving them your focus for 30-60mins? Imagine what could be achieved!

4. Mindfulness – there is a lot written and spoken about mindfulness today. It’s a wave of movement gathering pace as it is recognised to have such a benefit to all aspects of our lives…including our business. Mindfulness is about balance, focus and living in the moment. It’s about keeping calm and centred in order to be yourself and truly connect with others. If we spent just 30 minutes a day on our mindfulness, the impact would be significant and widespread. It is also acknowledged that mindfulness is a habit, and like all habits, the more we practice the better we get.

5. Playfulness – nearly all of us take ourselves too seriously don’t we! Sometimes at work we can get so wrapped up in “the serious stuff” that we forget the bigger picture of life and having fun. Being playful from time to time shows others that we’re human and sends a message that it is OK to enjoy ourselves! It has also been demonstrated that more innovation and creativity happens when we’re having fun. Such innovations can create significant shifts in our team(s) and business. So, go on, play a little and brighten your teams’ day:-)

I can’t help but think that a week where we gave ourselves a diet of these 5-a-day elements would be one of, if not THE most successful and enjoyable weeks we could ever imagine. Why not try it and post your thoughts back to us, we would love to hear from you.

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