Just 60 days to establish the culture???

When training in hypnotherapy in the last couple of years, one of the elements we learned was that an individual’s values and ethos are most often embedded between the ages of 7 and 9 years old.  It is between these years that our role as parents is pivotal in establishing the self-esteem and cultural platform of our offspring for years to come.  Whilst this can be a frightening or inspirational thought for any parent, it got me thinking……

         how long do we get to establish the culture in any team we lead?

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Leadership – breaking the chain

I’ve recently been struck by several examples of leaders and teams in a bit of a rut, doing the same thing, running the same behaviours, over and over again and hoping that things will improve.

The famous quote by Gandhi is often banded around: “be the change you want to see in the world…” I cannot help but think that as leaders we have a responsibility to break the chain of these habits. In doing so we show our teams, other observers and stakeholders that there is indeed “another” way.

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Let me tell you a story….

Once upon a time….

When you hear those words, what emotions do they conjure up in you?  Memories of childhood; at home with the bed time story or maybe even sat in Primary School on a Friday afternoon when the teacher read your class a story?

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5 a day – keeping you and your business healthy

Whilst in the kitchen earlier today, I caught sight of the fruit bowl and I perceived the contents to yell at me that I should give them more attention! I started to question if I’m regularly eating my 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables to keep me healthy? Then my attention wandered back to business and I wondered what the business equivalent would be…..

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Is Leadership the same as Air Traffic Control?

Whilst stuck in a major traffic jam on the A4 heading into London early this morning two thoughts occurred to me….

….if this is one of London’s “major arterial” routes, then how could we perform an angioplasty and then stent it so I can get to my meeting on time!?

…and then as I watched planes go closely overhead with regular precision towards Heathrow (one every 2 minutes) I couldn’t help but wonder how much calmer business would be if we could line up and then “land” our projects and major tasks with such regularity?

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Leadership in the storm of reorganisation!

Recently we were asked to give some helpful tips to some leaders who found both themselves and their teams in the middle of a major reorganisation with little certainty of what the future holds.  In these times of great stress and uncertainty just how do you keep yourself and your team motivated and focused on the job which still needs to be done?

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5 Ways to Improve your Listening

We have recently run some sessions on the importance of listening and how to ensure we listen and hear our people and our customers when they are communicating with us.  It sounds so obvious and easy doesn’t it, but to listen really well is a great art.

Here are 5 simple tips to improve your listening and, in doing so, increase your personal effectiveness as a team leader and a team player:-

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Practising what we preach!!

We are delighted to be working in a team with our friends from Caravelle Creative www.CaravelleCreative.com and creating a fantastic teaser campaign for a client.

Just goes to show what amazing success you can have as a team when you play to strengths having got real clarity on the objective and, most importantly of all, the Essence.