Each programme is specifically tailored to meet client’s needs and typically includes a mix of one-to-one sessions and facilitated team workshops. To build the right programme for our clients, we use SKEIN, our step-by-step process.

This SHARE Phase involves discussions to outline some of our early thoughts on how we might report back on the current situation and define a practical approach to addressing the shorter-term needs whilst at the same time developing the leaders and their teams to grow a culture which demonstrates true agility, creativity and excellence within the organisation.

This KNOWLEDGE Phase is the key to our success with team(s). It represents our “diagnosis prior to prescription”. We always spend time with key stakeholders to really understand their perspectives, fears, hopes and desires before we design any programme. We are told our listening is second to none.

This ENLIGHTEN phase completes the diagnostic activities. We throw all results of the previous stage into the melting pot and interpret the results to give us true understanding on which to base our future plans.

The IGNITE phase; having completed our diagnosis we now write the prescription to inspire individuals to new heights of performance, then discuss and align with you to ensure the optimal engagement during and uptake after the meetings by all delegates.

The NORMALISE Phase; following the initial intervention or workshop with the team we are passionate about ensuring future sustainability to extract maximum value from investments. This is all about helping new ideas and behaviours simply become normal everyday practice. These are our ideas for further support and build on the early work and maintain, if not further accelerate, momentum with gains in commercial and cultural well-being.

Following decades of personal experience and years of research, we have concluded that the four fundamental behaviours of exceptional leadership and teamwork are: LEAD

These underpin all of our work with you:

  • Listening – both listening and hearing colleagues, clients and peers
  • Energy - understanding and managing our own as well as others’ energy
  • Authenticity – being authentic and creating an environment where others can do the same
  • Direction – articulating both short and long-term strategy, with real clarity and without disempowering colleagues

We achieve all of this through our individual mentoring and team facilitation programmes.