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How an appetite to solve problems with honesty can transform your business

What was behind the creation of iTS aar?

iTS aar was developed following years of experience adapting the After Action Review system from the armed forces into the NHS. We have experienced the broad, deep lasting impact that quality implementation of iTS aar has within teams and organisations and see this as the very best foundation for teams interested in gaining commercial advantage through the creation of a true learning culture. iTS aar is our unique way of introducing AAR into organisations with inspirational impact that realises such gains rapidly. We call this “Organisational Alchemy”.

Why should organisations invest in iTS aar?

Evidence demonstrates that working where there is an appetite to solve problems – rather than blame – means teams are quick to adapt and improve. iTS aar is an approach which accelerates the creation of this culture and enables it to take root. It is truly transformational when rolled out in a carefully co-ordinated fashion and with a sustained support programme, especially through the first few months.

iTS aar creates organisational alchemy that gives every associate a voice, it helps people understand each other like never before. People start to run towards issues rather than away, as they feel excited knowing that uncovering learning creates new insights and innovation, achieving even greater success. Every analysis of high performing teams includes two key factors for success: a continuous improvement culture and a high degree of honesty.

What impact have you seen? The greatest impact is the significant growth in organisational profit and smiles. It is amazing what people can achieve together when they feel happy, valued and safe to tell their truth in search of a better away. We’ve noticed significant shifts in cultures where self-interest and fear-based interests are replaced by healthy productive conversations between all levels. Clients also love the positive energy created by imbedding iTS aar because the difficult, recurring issues in the team don’t linger and energy is focused instead on doing what matters. We have found that this is enhanced by impact in three areas:

ME – personal transformation
  • Freedom to speak
  • Increases in self-responsibility
  • Increase in leadership skills
US – team transformation
  • Creates a learning and growth mindset
  • Enables greater understanding of others
  • Encourages safe honest conversations
IT – performance transformation
  • Greater learning agility and adaptability
  • Generates competitive advantage
  • Improves talent attraction and retention

What our customers have said…

What motivated you to introduce iTS aar into the Organisation?

iTS aar is a simple, effective way of learning from previous experiences and applying that learning to future events. We don’t want to go the effort of learning lessons when things don’t go to plan and then not apply those learnings. The beauty is that the process is simple and can address small scale and significant events equally, while involving everyone who took part. Part of the process is not apportioning blame when things could have gone better; it’s about the learning. So while people are accountable, it’s not about blaming others. The iTS aar process is helping us create a “no blame” culture, which is vital.

What does iTS aar help with, for the evolution of your business?

As you can imagine with a company that has doubled in size in three years to a $16bn company, there has been considerable change in that time. iTS aar is proving extremely useful, particularly when processes change and hand-offs between different teams. There are many situations where mistakes can be made or opportunities missed. We are using iTS aar when things didn’t go exactly to plan. Then it’s about capturing those key learnings and ensure these are made available beyond that particular team – sometimes several others teams can benefit from that learning and avoid repeating those things that caused less than optimal results. It’s really helping us create a culture of continuous learning where people are encouraged to challenge constructively in an environment where it’s safe to do so and where people are not afraid to speak up for fear of being blamed.

How we introduce iTS aar into an organisation

The foundation to the introduction to iTS aar into an organisation is the iTS aar Conductor Development Day, where 16 delegates are taken on a journey to learn how to conduct the After Action Review in the iTS aar way.

What is After Action Review

The After Action Review (AAR) is a structured approach to learning from any shared experience or event. Peter Senge said AAR is “arguably one of the most successful organisational learning methods yet devised”.  Regular AARs make a significant contribution to both team resilience and performance and are a key tool in creating a sustainable improvement culture.

You will learn how to expertly facilitate After Action Reviews
This engaging & interactive day will prepare you to lead iTS aars and support groups of people to use shared experiences as the basis of learning and continuous improvement. We use high fidelity simulation to give you a stimulating and thought provoking experience of using iTS aar to ensure you are well equipped to use iTS aar at work.

You will learn about some of the challenges of bringing about transformation in teams
Despite most of us coming to work intending to do a good job, there are numerous factors which get in the way of us performing at our best and working to continuously improve the quality of what we do. This day reviews some of the “human factors” which get in the way and how iTS aar can help.

You will learn some key skills for managing and leading people
The iTS aar approach provides senior leaders with a vital new tool to add to their skill set which they can apply to a wide variety of situations. Participants gain deep insights into existing issues and build confidence to manage performance effectively.

To find out more about iTS aar, feel free to contact our team.

E:    T: +44 (0) 7876 702 035