Is it Ho! Ho! Ho! or…no! no! no!

Seasons greetings to all our friends,

As we all think about what we’ve achieved this year and how next year is going to be “different” (a.k.a. “even more successful”) then maybe we could do worse than to promise ourselves to say “no” far more often in 2014 than we did in 2013…..not to be difficult you understand, but because we have real clarity in what we are all about and what we are focusing on.

I’ve recently read this great little article (below) and wanted to share it with you.

Have a great Christmas with your families and loved ones and see you in the new year.

Most warmly


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7 ways to keep employee engagement high

A nice short article to remind us of how we can keep our teams motivated and focused during challenging times:-!

In short..

  1. Consistent Values – have them clear and stick to them in thick and thin

  2. Long term focus – understand that current environment is real but not forever

  3. Local Leadership – make sure all leaders know how well their teams feel they’re doing

  4. Continuous communication – in challenging times the level of comm’s needs to increase (but often does the opposite!)

  5. Collaboration – the best way to spark new ideas

  6. Opportunities for development – look to give the team some stretch assignments

  7. Speed and agility – increase the speed of decision making (do you know your why as well as your what?)

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Teamwork to a whole new level!

We are delighted to have partnered wih BORG ( this week to take a radical spin on Social Styles training and take client teamwork to a whole new level with this new insight.

Outside comfort zones at times and good fun too meant a meaningful and memorable experience for all.