Inspiring individuals and teams

to really maximise and unleash their potential

"iTS Leadership took

our performance to

new heights"

"If you want to go fast, go

alone...if you want to go far,

go together"


Helping your team to fly through..

Individual Leadership

Mentoring and coaching

i-LEAD360® feedback tool

"iTS Leadership are

authentic and inspiring

in their approach"


Helping your team to fly through..

Team Leadership

Team development workshops

Team retreats

"iTS Leadership really got to know us

and our business before designing an

inspirational Programme"


Helping your team to fly through..

Strategic Leadership

Strategy design

Strategic insights

"iTS Leadership have a unique

way of aligning people with the

strategy...with extraordinary results!"


We know exquisite teamwork comes when all three elements are in place..

Individual Leadership

We provide mentoring and coaching on a one-to-one basis, using our innovative I-LEAD360® feedback tool, to ensure every individual has the greatest opportunity to excel.

Team Leadership

We run team development workshops and team retreats, tailored to you, to help the team grow and gel together.

Strategic Leadership

Using our DiamondEDGE® we can help with your strategic design and give new insights into your existing performance.

iTS LEADERSHIP® develop and deliver tailored programmes to help maximise the performance of teams with excellent employee engagement

  • Through group workshops, retreats and individual work, we take pride in improving the performance of teams to recognise their full potential
  • We discuss the specific business challenges, extract clarity from complex situations, design a strategy with the teams, so they align fully with it
  • We work with business leaders on an individual level to explore challenges that are specific to them and enable them to be as effective as they can be in their expanding roles


Our Team

We all have significant real-world business experience of creating high-performing teams in challenging circumstances.

In our own careers, we have played significant roles in turning around under-performing businesses.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions! We tailor all our programmes to meet your specific needs, adapting our proven methodology to your challenges and we seek to fully understand these challenges before we design and develop the programme.

Clients praise us on the quality of our workshops and our facilitation:

  • We never take our ego into the room
  • We create a culture of no judgement, everyone’s contribution is equal and counts
  • Workshops are for our clients’ agenda not ours
  • We create and facilitate complete conversations around topics and look at them from multiple angles
  • We listen and hear, and are consistently told that we deliver beyond clients’ expectations

We, like you, understand that there is no magic bullet, so we take a long-term view, working in partnership with our clients, to develop leadership programmes that typically run over several months, to get you the very best results.

  • iTS about the TRUTH

    We cannot be successful without dealing with the real issues and calling it as we (and others) see it.

  • iTS about the CONNECTION

    We work hard to get people to see others’ point of view and connect with a higher intent.  When this happens it is quite magical and the commercial results rapidly follow.

  • iTS about YOU!

    Ultimately it’s about you and what you want to achieve and how we can help you achieve your goals.  It’s personal, we understand that, which is why everything we do, whether before, during or after our projects has you and your success at its heart.